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Q1. What will I be doing during the programme?

Ans: During the programme, students will go through three phases

  • Discover & Interpret – Understand the community and the problem faced

  • Ideate & Experiment – Build solutions and test them

  • Plan & Implement – Create an action plan and implement the best solution

Q2. Who will choose the projects for me?

Ans: A team of experts at Manipal Foundation will match an appropriate project and
provide a mentor to each student. This would be done after carefully evaluating the information
provided by student in the application form and matching it as best as possible to
the available social organisation.

Q3. Where are these projects located?

Ans: These projects are in and around Bangalore, where Manipal Foundation’s
main office is located.

Q4. What is the duration of programme?

Ans: TrAc is a flexible programme with minimum requirement of 1 month.

Q5. Are there any critical dates for the programme?

Ans: The programme is open throughout the year. We suggest that the
students apply at least 3 months prior to the dates they want to visit.

Q6. Where will I stay?

Ans: Once the student is accepted, In-country stay will be arranged by our partner
organisation – Comfort Health & Tourism Services, and information will be provided
to students well in advance. Hygienic, comfortable and affordable
accommodation will be provided.

Q7. What are the food arrangements?

Ans: Hygienic and healthy food will be arranged locally for the students.
If any student has special diet requirements, they should convey it to
the Programme Coordinator well in advance.

Q8. What will be my expenses?

Ans: There will be a onetime Registration Fee, which will cover your stay, food and local
transportation to the social organisation. This will vary depending upon
the length of your stay and nature of the project.

Q9. Are there any scholarships?

Ans: No. We do not offer any scholarships for the programme

Q10. Should I be concerned about my health and safety?

Ans: All students would be guided to procure safe health insurance policy
to cover them during the programme. Hygiene and nutritional requirements would be
strictly followed. There will be strict measures to ensure safety and well-being of students.
Modes of communication like phone and internet connection will be provided.

Q11. Who do I contact in an emergency situation?

Ans: Each student will be assigned a mentor. Students can reach them for any help.

Q12. What are the formalities I have to perform for international travels?

Ans: Comfort Health & Services, along with the social organisation assigned to the student
will assist in procuring a relevant VISA (mostly, a business VISA). Comfort Health &
Services will also assist you in obtaining air tickets and other essentials.

Q13. Do I get any certification for this programme?

Ans: Yes, a certificate will be awarded to each student on successful completion
of the programme. It will be jointly certified by Manipal Foundation and
the social organisation where the student worked during the programme

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