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Beginning with awarding a few scholarship for gifted students at Manipal University back in
2002, the Manipal Foundation has grown in its funding activities by leaps and bounds.

From just a small player in Manipal area, the Foundation has a vibrant, Pan India Presence
in the Four Verticals.

Healthcare The Foundation provides support for the critically ill patients from the lower
economic strata of the society, not only from India, but from neighbouring countries also.
The focus has gradually shifted to:

Education - The full spectrum – right from basic literacy for rural children in inaccessible
areas of the country up to supporting students at Postgraduate levels.

Livelihood -Through vocational skills training and job placement for urban and rural youth

Education and Empowerment for Women and Adolescent girls

"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"
--Orison Swelt Marden
 DR. TMA Pai
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