The Foundation supports free and subsidised care to patients from economically disadvantaged sections. It works closely with the network of Manipal Hospitals

Poor patients unable to fund their treatment are referred to the Social Work Department of Manipal Hospitals and funds are raised or provided to support their treatment and care.

Manipal Foundation has partnered with the Community Medicine Department of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal and Genworks Health Pvt Ltd to conduct Cancer Screening Camps for early detection of breast and cervical cancer through hand-held devices. The first pilot has been completed. The objective is to target women population in a district , a project which will be undertaken in the current year. This initiative has been taken with the thesis that screening can help in early detection and consequently arrest disease progression.

In the clinical practice, there is a growing need for the replacement of musculoskeletal tissue because of losses due to various circumstances. Bone Bank provides safe repository of allografts for reconstructive surgery and are necessary for providing biological material for a series of orthopedic procedures. Cancer patients with tumors, children born with bone related disorders, accident victims, those undergoing revision joint replacements, spinal fusions and those having complaints of non-union of bones are the beneficiaries of the bone banks.